Hey! I'm Chantrice Rachelle... 

About Chantrice Rachelle


My art story starts from the moment I could hold a pencil and a marker when, like most children, I began scribbling on any surface around. At a young age, I enjoyed experimenting with drawing, coloring, and painting. I sold my first piece at the age of 8 and in Elementary School had one of my illustrations selected to be featured at Atlanta’s Fort McPherson Army Base. Throughout life, I continued to explore my artistic gifts through various illustrations. However, I didn’t pursue a formal art education, instead I went to school and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems and later a Master of Science in Information Technology, and eventually made my way into the corporate world, working as an IT Professional. I chose to pursue technology over art because it’s sort of my second love and at the time was seemingly more financially lucrative. 

In 2017 I painted a piece entitled Drunken Tommy, inspired by the Rugrats cartoon and immediately received an offer upon posting it. You’d think that would have pushed me to create art more frequently, but my love for art was never based on money so I continued to just create leisurely from time to time. Then, on August 11, 2020 (yep! I know that exact date, as it’s now very meaningful to me) something changed. It had been a while since I’d painted and since I was off work that day, I decided to pick up a paintbrush and paint. In that moment, my passion was ignited more than ever before and since then I have vowed to never again go so long without creating. I began to share my work with others and began to get inquiries and commissions. So here we are today, I decided to finally share the magic of my heART with the world. My predominant medium and style is acrylic abstract; however, I also draw and often explore working with other mediums and techniques. My abstract pieces are inspired by emotions, feelings, thoughts, and moments and will hopefully captivate you in a way that explores your own emotions, feelings, thoughts, and moments.