Hey! I'm Chantrice Rachelle... 

About Chantrice Rachelle


My art story starts from the moment I could hold a pencil and a marker when, like most children, I began scribbling on any surface around. At a young age, I enjoyed experimenting with drawing, coloring, and painting. I sold my first piece at the age of 8 and in Elementary School had one of my drawings selected to be featured at Atlanta’s Fort McPherson Army Base. Throughout life, I continued to explore my artistic gifts through various drawings and paintings predominantly exploring pop art. However, I didn’t pursue a formal art education, instead I went to school and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems and later a Master of Science in Information Technology, and eventually made my way into the corporate world, working as an IT Professional. Although I didn't obtain a formal art education, the practice of creating art never left. In 2020 I began to explore, and fell in love with, abstract art as a way to express things I'd experienced in the recent years. Since then my practice has focused more on telling my stories through abstract art; however, her pop art roots are never too far away. The themes of her work are heavily inspired by life experiences and nostalgia. 

For me, art is magic that not only adds beauty to its occupied space but also can evoke a variety of emotions reminiscent of moments throughout life. Through my art, I tell stories of life’s experiences, thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Creating art gives me a feeling of freedom, peace, and healing, while also creating something uniquely beautiful for others to tap into their own emotions and stories. My body of work is predominantly acrylic abstract paintings on canvas and digital; however, I often experiment with a variety of mediums and techniques so that I can continue to explore and grow my knowledge and skills in art.