Chantrice Rachelle is a visual artist who uses her art to express the emotions and experiences of the heart. She has been creating art since she was a child when she would frequently draw and paint pictures of her favorite cartoon characters. Although art was her first love, Chantrice decided to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and her Master’s Degree in Information Technology, while using her love of art as a therapeutic hobby. Throughout her life, Chantrice maintained her connection to art, using cartoons as a wellspring of inspiration to create leisurely. However, she soon realized that her heart would never be truly fulfilled without wholeheartedly embracing her artistic gift. In 2020, Chantrice embarked on a transformative journey and discovered a profound love for abstract art as a means to express the experiences she had encountered in recent years. This newfound direction allowed her to delve deeper into her own narrative, unraveling stories through the language of abstract art while still keeping her roots in the realm of cartoon and pop art ever-present. Her artistic practice now revolves around infusing her art with themes inspired by the emotions of the heart and the nostalgic essence of childhood. Chantrice's art serves as a testament to the enduring power of creative expression, reminding us that our stories, emotions, and nostalgic recollections are what make us beautifully human. Through her evocative works, she invites us to rediscover our own narratives and find solace, connection, and inspiration in the boundless world of art. Chantrice's works have found their way into the treasured spaces of numerous private collectors, both within the United States and as far-reaching as Nairobi, Kenya.