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A few days ago I took the day off from my 9-5 to have a mental health day and decided to go to The High Museum of Art since I’d never been on a weekday. Previously I’d only gone during the weekend, and it’s typically a lot of visitors during the weekend, so I figured this experience would be different. It was definitely a peaceful experience- not too crowded at all and no one in my personal space while viewing the various works. I also had the chance to check out the KAWS Prints Exhibition before it leaves this coming weekend. KAWS Prints was a bit confusing to locate from inside the museum (it’s in a connecting building, easily accessible from outside). Nevertheless, once I entered the exhibition it was like stepping into the world of KAWS. While there are some black and white prints on display, much of this exhibition features colorful works that really draw you in for further examination of the works. I’m not the biggest fan of neon colors, but I absolutely love how KAWS uses neon in his works. The way the pieces were displayed reminded me of those old school slide puzzles because the pieces made me feel like I was supposed to piece them together to create a bigger picture. I’m so glad I had the chance to see this exhibition because I almost missed it by a few days. Check out my recap reel here on Instagram.

Chantrice Rachelle at KAWS Prints ExhibitionChantrice Rachelle viewing art in the KAWS PRINTS Exhibition

Seeing the KAWS Prints exhibition was the end of this venture at The High; however, I decided to go ahead and get a membership so I can spend more days throughout the year at The High, especially when new exhibitions come around. If you have never been to The High Museum of Art, I highly recommend you put it on your Things to do in Atlanta bucket list. If you have been, I’d love to know your favorite floor or exhibition.

Chantrice Rachelle at KAWS Prints ExhibitionChantrice Rachelle in the KAWS PRINTS Exhibition at The High Museum of Art


KAWS Prints Exhibition at The High MuseumKAWS Prints Exhibition, March 2022. Photo taken by Chantrice Rachelle

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